SSL Configuration

HTTPS Connections

To enable secure connections specify HTTPS port when starting Datazenit. Default port is 443.

bin/datazenit -Dhttps.port=443

SSL Configuration Parameters

To configure SSL certificate use the following arguments when starting Datazenit. Each argument must be prefixed with "-D", for example "bin/datazenit -Dhttps.keyStore=aaa".

  • https.keyStore - The path to the keystore containing the private key and certificate, if not provided generates a keystore for you
  • https.keyStoreType - The key store type, defaults to JKS
  • https.keyStorePassword - The password, defaults to a blank password
  • https.keyStoreAlgorithm - The key store algorithm, defaults to the platforms default algorithm

SSL through reverse proxy

Another option and sometimes the easiest way is to setup a reverse proxy – put a web server in front of Datazenit server. In this case you can setup SSL certificate for the web server. Please consult the documentation of your web server software how to configure a reverse proxy.

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