Schema Builder

Open Schema Builder

Schema Builder is used to create and modify table definition. Select a table in the left sidebar and activate Schema Builder by clicking "Schema" in content tab bar.

Schema Builder Screenshot

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Create new column

To create a new column for an existing table use the empty row at the end of Schema data grid. The bottom row is always an empty one intended for creating a new column. Only two fields are mandatory: "Field" and "Type". When the bottom row is being edited a new one is automatically created below.

Using Schema Builder data grid

To start editing column definition select any cell and press enter or just simply double click the cell. Column is created/saved when the editor is closed (e.g., by pressing enter) or active row switched. To cancel any changes made to a column and close editor press esc.

Column parameter definition
Parameter Info
Field Name of column, e.g., "id".
Type Type definition of column, e.g., "varchar(100)" or "enum('red','green','blue')".
CharacterSet Character set of column, e.g., "utf8". This field uses select box to present all available character sets for that specific connection.
Null Boolean value if the column should be nullable.
Default Default value of column.
NB! Currently textual default values must be wrapped in quotes.
Extra Any extra parameters, e.g., "on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" for timestamp columns.
Comments Comments for column that will be preserved in table definition.