MySQL and PostgreSQL GUI

Datazenit is a web-based database administration tool. It features smart data grid, query builder, schema editor, live charts and raw query editor with auto-complete. The goal is to build modern and intelligent database tool that would increase productivity. Sign up for Beta.

MySQL PostgreSQL

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Table Builder

Schema Editor

The schema editor has been designed with developer productivity in mind. It is equipped with intelligent features similar to the ones you could find in an IDE.

Database Query Builder

Query Builder

Users can choose to query data via graphical user interface instead of a raw query editor. Queries and data filters can be shared between team members.

Data Visualizations

Charts & Data Viz

Various chart styles can be used to create effective visualizations, like scatter, line, area, bar and pie chart. Best of all – they can be shared or embedded.

Content Management

Content Management

Enjoy data editing with different editors like textarea, dropdown, checkbox and a calendar for easy date picking.

Data Export and Backup

Data Export and Backup

Datazenit can easily export data as SQL dumps or CSV files. It has the ability to create automatic snapshots of your database and store them as backups.

Advanced Security

Database Security

All database credentials are encrypted with an AES algorithm and only decrypted when connecting to the database server.