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Access & Query All Your Heroku Databases Easily With a Single Login

A data management tool for Heroku PostgreSQL databases where you can securely authenticate with your Heroku account and manage all your databases directly from the browser. No apps to install, and no more hassle with managing separate credentials for each database.

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Our Customers – Salesforce, Accenture, Decisely, Ideo.org



Heroku Explorer is hosted on Heroku offering excellent availability and the best possible performance as it uses local network for database connections.

Easy Access

Easily edit and create new data on the go, even from your mobile device. Run queries, store them for later use or share them with co-workers.


Queries and reports can be saved and shared with team members. Write the query once and access the data anytime.


You can quickly export data for use in other tools. We understand your workflow and our platform is designed to be open.

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Straightforward pricing, no hidden fees.

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