Datazenit is moving to Scala

The beta release got a little bit delayed because we are currently moving Datazenit to Scala. Scala is a scalable, statically typed and object-functional programming language. It compiles to Java bytecode, which runs on Java Virtual Machine. Why should you care? JVM allows more flexible deployments to cross-platform targets and will make the setup for self-hosted customers a breeze. Scala's type system has made Datazenit less prone to bugs and has improved the overall performance.

When we first started Datazenit the language of choice was Python. Since then the project has evolved, we have learned our target audience better, and Python has become less suitable for the goals we are trying to achieve.

This may sound like huge change, but in fact it is not. The good news is that the move to Scala is 90% finished. You can expect an update pretty soon.

Great software takes time and we don't want to make any compromises on that regard.

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