Introducing Datazenit Community

We have created a community forum for all interested parties - beta users, our customers, database enthusiasts and developers. It is powered by an excellent open source discussion platform Discourse, created by Jeff Atwood. Authorization works using existing Datazenit Store accounts – you just need to use the "Sign in" button in the forum and you will be logged in via This is implemented via SSO which is supported in Discourse out of box.

Don't forget to introduce yourself – we would love to hear more about you. If you have something you are currently working on and want to share there is a topic for that. Another topic worth checking out is the official Changelog thread where we post latest release info. During the beta testing period we are releasing a new version at least once a week. If you have found an issue or bug in Datazenit please report them in Bug Reports thread.

Want to participate in beta testing, but don't have access? Request beta invite here.

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