This demo features WYSIWYG editor and HTML display in cells. HTML can be allowed in cells by setting allowHTML: true in column definition object. To add WYSIWYG editor, set "RichEditor" as column's editor.
Keyboard shortcuts when the editor is not active
left, right, up, down move active cell
esc move focus away from grid and remove highlight from active cell and row
enter open cell editor
space toggle selected state of row
shift+down/up move down/up and select rows
ctrl+a or shift+a or cmd+a select/deselect all rows
backspace clear contents of active cell
ctrl + backspace or ⌘ + backspace remove active row or selected rows if any
ctrl + d or shift + d duplicate row
ctrl + z or ⌘ + z undo
ctrl + y or ⌘ + y redo
Keyboard shortcuts when the editor is active
ctrl + enter move editor down
ctrl + shift + enter move editor up
enter exit editor and save
tab move forward
shift + tab move backward
esc exit editor without saving
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